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Plainly put, this is called “I want others to like me and I push my thoughts and actions in that direction.” Is that something you struggle with? The approval

Pick up your mat

Pick up your mat!  “After this, a Jewish festival took place, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem. By the Sheep Gate in Jerusalem there is a pool, called Bethesda


If we were, to be honest with ourselves, most of us desire and direct our prayers toward getting out of depression or any other unpleasant circumstance. We want out!

Discouraging days

Discouraging days Have you had days where you find yourself upset at yourself? Upset because you felt like you let yourself or someone else down. Or because you felt

Unwrap your Christmas Gift

Christmas is my most favorite time of the year. There is none other to match the warmth and cheer of this season. A nice cup of hot chocolate, in

Step up

Have you ever wondered if you will stay entrenched in the wallow of depression, and not be able to make progress? That is a genuine concern, with all the

Save a starfish

At some point in our lives, at least some of us have heard, or read, had read to us as kids, the story of the starfish thrower by Loren

Face in the Mirror

What is your question? What have you asked yourself out loud, or in musing? When you look into your mirror. Who do you see? Amusingly, the mirror has become

Why? When? Where?

How did you wake up this morning? Feeling sad? Or empty? Or weak? If you struggle with depression, you probably woke up feeling sad, or empty, or weak. Or