Plainly put, this is called “I want others to like me and I push my thoughts and actions in that direction.” Is that something you

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Pick up your mat

Pick up your mat!  “After this, a Jewish festival took place, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem. By the Sheep Gate in Jerusalem there is

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If we were, to be honest with ourselves, most of us desire and direct our prayers toward getting out of depression or any other unpleasant

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Discouraging days

Discouraging days Have you had days where you find yourself upset at yourself? Upset because you felt like you let yourself or someone else down.

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Step up

Have you ever wondered if you will stay entrenched in the wallow of depression, and not be able to make progress? That is a genuine

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Why? When? Where?

How did you wake up this morning? Feeling sad? Or empty? Or weak? If you struggle with depression, you probably woke up feeling sad, or

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